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It’s no secret that China (and many other nations) are catching up with the U.S. in education and manufacturing. A quick Google search can reveal the massive gains China’s manufacturing and education sectors have made over the last three decades. Experts have long warned that the U.S.fast slipping far behind it’s industrialized peers in terms […]

Well then. Less than a week after Syrian government air defenses shot down a Turkish RF-4 Phantom recconnaisance jet, Syrian rebels appear to have seiezed a government radar station. The video below, apparently filmed on June 26, shows Syrian rebels combing through the ruins of a freshly captured radar site in the hills around Idilb, […]

Given last week’s downing of a Turkish RF-4 Phantom, that was likely on a recconaissance mission, by the Syrian military, we thought it would be an appropriate time to look at Syria’s air defenses. We frequently hear White House and Pentagon officials citing Syria’s advanced air defenses as a reason for thinking twice about starting […]

Well, it’s finally happening. Months after the Army was originally supposed to have industry show off the best choppers out there, in a weird variant of a fly-off, for the armed aerial scout mission, it looks like the service’s aviation officials are on the road to eye the potential replacements for the ancient OH-58D Kiowa […]

Here you have it. Some video that appears to show China’s first aircraft carrier, the ex-Soviet Varyag, steaming under her own power during her eighth sea trail that just concluded this week. Click through the jump for the video. Enjoy.