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The Air Force plans to announce a contract award for their new stealthy long-range bomber aircraft in September of this year, service officials told Military​.com. The contract award for the aircraft was initially expected to arrive earlier this summer. In fact, this new timeline comes on the heels of a series of delays for the […]

The sale of five V-22 Osprey aircraft to Japan will substantially bolster U.S.-Japan military-to-military cooperation and improve the island nation’s ability to help counter-balance China’s assertive behavior as tensions rise in the Pacific, Pentagon officials said. The Japanese Defense Forces’ acquisition of Ospreys also comes as tensions between Japan and neighboring China appear to be […]

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter for the first time provided close-air support to ground troops in the Air Force’s Green Flag training exercise – the service’s large-scale air-to-ground mock combat operation in the southwestern U.S., Air Force officials said. The training was one of the first times the F-35 has participated in close-air support missions, […]

The Australian military has decided to cancel plans to purchase F-35B Joint Strike Fighter short-take-off-and-vertical landing aircraft and place 12 of the aircraft on two of their larger assault ships, citing the challenges of needing to rework the ships to accommodate the plane, according to published reports. “Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s proposal to put F-35 fighter […]

The Air Force has moved into production of its Small Diameter Bomb II that can pinpoint targets from long distances, destroy stationary or moving targets and change course in flight using a two-way data link, service officials said. “Using its dual-band weapon data link, it can change targets in flight and can be controlled by […]