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It Was Dragon Skin All Along

by lowe on October 27, 2009

I just got back from an hour and a half briefing with PEO Soldier Gen. Pete Fuller and top PMs for the service’s primary gear buying office. I’ll be spiraling out tidbits throughout the day, but one thing I wanted to throw out there was to close the loop on the flexible small arms protective […]

The China CyberSyndrome

by lowe on October 26, 2009

Another report was released last week that warned of China’s growing cyber capabilities. It went on to discuss China’s cyber military training program and warned that expansion of personnel training in Information Warfare Specialties that include offensive network attack skills may expand to meet the demand among field units for skilled cyber personnel. While China’s […]

JSF Hits Money Wall

by lowe on October 23, 2009

Colin has advanced the story broken by InsideDefense​.com this morning about huge cost estimates that could dramatically restructure the Joint Strike Fighter program. A preliminary Pentagon cost estimate that the F-35 could cost as much as $17.1 billion more than currently planned is prompting calls from congressional sources for the program to be reassessed and […]

Osprey Deployment Update

by lowe on October 23, 2009

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback on the Osprey post from Wednesday, which “speculates” on the Marines’ deployment to Afghanistan, and particularly why the service refuses to talk on the record about it in detail. Well, I’ve got a little more “informed speculation” on the deployment from a variety of sources and I thought […]

This article first appeared in Aviation Week & Space Technology. In the midst of a deeply entrenched identity crisis, the U.S. Air Force is turning to technology as the potential answer to some of its problems. Air Force Chief Scientist Werner Dahm is conducting a sweeping “Technology Horizons” study to lay out technological opportunities that […]