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This is part three of my investigation of the DOD Chemical Biological Defense Program (CBDP) budget for FY2008. Today, we invade the lair of the research and development community. Sixty-one percent of the R&D budget for next year ($610 million) is in budget activities 6.1 through 6.3, what is called science and technology or the […]

Following up yesterday’s post on the new budget, let’s see what chem-bio defense equipment the Defense Department is planning to buy. The top line items include (unsurprisingly) CB detection gear, individual protection equipment, and vaccines. About 36 percent of procurement dollars are going to buy specialized CB defense vehicles for the Army and CB detectors […]

The Defense Department’s chem-bio defense budget (CBDP) only accounts for less than one percent of what the U.S. military spends. But there’s still a lot to pore over. I thought that I would give an overview today, talk about procurement tomorrow, and talk about RDT&E on Thursday. (Go to the Defense Department Comptroller’s web site […]

Heat ‘Em Up

by Robot_Economist on February 1, 2007

Last week, the Defense Department showcased its “Active Denial System” or ADS At Moody Air Force Base, Georgia. Officially this system is still in “extended user evaluation” phase of an ACTD (advanced concept technology demonstration). They aren’t being produced in quantities to ship to Iraq, although I’m sure the troops there wouldn’t mind having a […]

BioShield Has BioFailed

by Robot_Economist on January 17, 2007

The Washington Post has this article on the BioShield program. It’s a bit of a scorecard on the four-year old program, and the score doesn’t look good for homeland security. Let’s take a look, agent by agent. Old Anthrax Treatment: “As the result of an effort that began before BioShield, there are enough antibiotics in […]