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Drone Bombing Campaign

In case anyone doesn’t already know it, spy drones have been used in war for decades and this video shows one of the America’s first drones launching an air to ground missile. Yup, this 1972 film clip shows C-130-launched BQM-34 Firebee drones (first developed in the early 1950s) firing an AGM-65 Maverick air-to-ground missile and […]

So, this is some drone-related news about the Afghan war that we missed. While most media attention has been focused on CIA drone bases in Pakistan, the U.S. last year transformed the remote ex-Soviet air field at Shindand, near the Iranian border, into the second biggest air base in all Afghanistan. The perimeter of the […]

This is very interesting, just after losing an RQ-170 Sentinel drone to Iran the AIr Force is sending a single, stealthy-ish Predator-C Avenger drone to Afghansistan. The Predator C is made by General Atomics and appeared to be in the running for the Air Force’s MQ-X next-generation combat drone project. That effort was put on […]

So, Islamabad is making good on its demand that United States forces leave Shamsi air base, one of several facilities used by CIA drones inside Pakistan. American cargo planes have apparently arrived to pick up U.S. personnel at the base less than a week after the Pakistani government ordered them out in response to the killing of […]

What’s the latest U.S. drone to be armed? The Navy’s MQ-8 Fire Scout helicopter. Northrop Grumman has begun helping the Navy arm the little robo-choppers with the Advanced Precision Kill Weapons System — basically, laser-guided 70-mm Hydra rockets, according to a company announcement. The newly armed Fire Scouts will give ships — especially smaller ones that can’t […]