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Fast Movers

FARNBOROUGH, England — How does flying the F-35 Lightning II stack up against older-model fighter jets? We asked two of its most experienced pilots that very question after their presentation this week at the air show.

FARNBOROUGH, England — Pentagon and defense industry leaders in the U.S. have a favorite, near-ubiquitous expression: They want to entice more kids into “STEM:” Science, technology, engineering and math. Future generations of engineers and scientists will be critical for DoD and its vendors to keep their edge, the thinking goes. So too here in the […]

FARNBOROUGH, England — When’s the last time you heard a fighter pilot shrug, look down and say, “Eh, my airplane sucks.” Or as one might say here, “Blimey, me jet is roobish!” So all other things being equal, it wasn’t surprising that three experienced aviators convened by defense behemoth Lockheed Martin raved about its F-35 […]

FARNBOROUGH, England — Remember Boeing’s pitch about all the high-speed new refinements and capabilities it wants to add to its F/A-18E and F Super Hornets? It has talked about more efficient engines, conformal fuel tanks and even fighters launching their own unmanned aerial vehicles. The world’s biggest operator of Super Hornets, the U.S. Navy, isn’t […]

The Navy released the official findings about what caused an F/A-18 Hornet to crash into an apartment complex shortly after takeoff from NAS Oceana in April.  And in rolling out the results, they “buried the lead,” as we say in the news business. “We have never had a dual, unrelated engine failure in the F/A-18 […]