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Grand Ole Osprey

-+*The President’s Marine helicopter squadron received the first of 12 MV-22 Ospreys on April 5, although the president will not be traveling aboard the tilt-rotor aircraft with the checkered early flight history. The Ospreys that join the Marine Helicopter Squadron One fleet will carry presidential support staff and the media rather than the President of […]

-+*Israel will receive the MV-22 Osprey in the first foreign sale of the tilt-rotor aircraft as part of major arms deals with Mideast allies to guard against the threat from Iran, senior Defense Department officials said Friday. The Ospreys were the “most significant” assets in the total arms package and were “for the first time […]

-+*Senior Defense Department officials said Friday the long-planned deployment of the Marines’ MV-22 Ospreys to Okinawa might be postponed in the face of mounting opposition in Japan over the safety of the tilt-rotor aircraft. “There’s never been a deployment schedule” for the Ospreys, a senior Defense official said on background , despite repeated on-the-record statements […]

-+*Bryant Jordan at our sister blog DoD Buzz wrote about the Headquarters Marine Corps’ explanantion behind what happened last April when an MV-22 crashed during an exercise in Morocco that killed two crewmembers.  Here’s an excerpt from Bryant’s post: The accident occurred as the Osprey was taking off, turning to avoid a busy landing field […]

-+*As reported by our sister blog DoD Buzz, last week the Japanese government balked at USMC basing a squadron of V-22s in Okinawa — a development that certainly surprised the Marine Corps (and DoD) and demonstrated that, for all of its flight hours across the globe, the airplane’s bad reputation still lingers. Or does it? Some […]