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-+*NASHVILLE, Tennessee — Helicopter-makers say they’re eagerly awaiting a decision expected this summer from the U.S. Army to move forward with development of a futuristic rotorcraft. The program, known officially as the Joint Multi-Role helicopter, or JMR, has attracted defense giants such as United Technologies Corp.‘s Sikorsky unit, Textron Inc.‘s Bell Helicopter, as well as […]

-+*Despite its long-term budget woes, the Army has come up with $217 million in seed money for a four-way contest on the future of Army rotorcraft that potentially could be worth billions to the defense industry contractors who come out ahead in the competition. The contest involves two established industry giants – Bell Helicopter and […]

-+*The actions of the first U.S. Army officer to receive the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War have been captured in rare helmet-cam video. William Swenson, a former Army captain, was presented with the military’s highest award for valor Tuesday during a ceremony at the White House for his “extraordinary heroism” in a deadly, […]

-+*The U.S. Army is preparing to award demonstrator contracts to four vendors to help design and engineer the next-generation helicopter fleet slated to fly by 2030, service officials said. The contracts will be the latest step in an ongoing multi-year program called Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator, or JMR TD.  It is an Army Science and […]

-+*The U.S. Army has produced a video to attract bidders and urge them to push the technology envelope in developing next-generation helicopter and tilt-rotor fleets for all the services under the Defense Department’s long-term Future Vertical Lift plan. “I need aviation visionaries,” Bill Lewis, director of the Army’s Aviation Development Directorate, said in his commentary […]