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The Tanker Tango

While some may wonder why Boeing with its NewGen Tanker offering based off a smaller, older 767 design beat out EADS Airbus A330-based KC-45 to win the KC-X contract yesterday, it’s likely a matter of fuel efficiency and construction costs associated with housing the new jets. From DoDBuzz: The difference between the two bids may […]

There you have it, folks. Boeing just pulled off the upset victory and defeated EADS to win a KC-X contract that will ultimately be worth roughly $35 billion to build 179 aerial tankers to replace the Air Force’s oldest KC-135s. In this third round of the decade-long KC-X saga, the Chicago-based company fended off European defense giant EADS’ aggressive bid […]

The World Trade Organization has apparently issued a final ruling saying that Boeing did indeed recieve unfair — not illegal — subsidies that benefit the development of its aircraft fleet. According to the New York Times, the WTO ruled, in a confidential report, that Boeing received about $5 billion in subsidies. The WTO focused on about $24 […]

In case you didn’t see it, yesterday a bipartisan group of senators signed on to a letter by Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) calling for the Pentagon’s Inspector General to investigate the incident where the Air Force and sent rivals EADS and Boeing information on each others bids in the $35 billion KC-X contest. Now, EADS […]

Oops. A “substantial” part of the aerial refueling boom aboard an Airbus A330 MRTT tanker built for the Royal Australian Air Force broke off and fell into the Atlantic during a recent flight test. While everyone aboard the (Airbus crewed) tanker and refuelee was ok, a “major part of the boom broke off part-way through […]