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A U.S. senator asked Pentagon officials why the government hasn’t retaliated against China for copying the designs of its most advanced fighter jets. Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, said the Chengdu J-20 twin-engine stealth fighter bears similarity to the F-22 Raptor made by Lockheed Martin Corp., while the Shenyang J-31 twin-engine multi-role […]

The Pentagon’s research arm has achieved another breakthrough in a project designed to revolutionize the technology behind prosthetic limbs and potentially help wounded troops. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency this month announced that a 28-year-old man paralyzed for more than a decade from a spinal cord injury was able to feel physical sensations through […]

The Pentagon’s research arm wants to award robot enthusiasts $150,000 apiece to crank out prototypes that could support troops. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s new Robotics Fast Track program aims to identify individuals and small business to develop the technology at a fraction of the cost of typical defense contracting programs.

The era of uncontested access to the skies above battlefields and not having to worry about the consequences of attacking an enemy’s command and control capabilities is history, says futurist, defense strategist and author Peter Singer. With future combat likely to occur in cyberspace and space as well as on land, sea and air, the […]

Boeing Co. has released video showing its new portable laser weapon burning a hole through and ultimately disabling a flying drone. The company’s Compact Laser Weapons System recently demonstrated its potential during an exercise in Point Mugu, California, where it took out an unspecified type of unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, at a “tactical” range, […]