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Civilian Apps

  Researchers at California Institute of Technology studying the ability of the brain to intuitively interpret sound as form could prove beneficial to blinded veterans, enabling them to “see” basic shapes using commercially available technology. Though the concept, and even the technology, enabling the blind to decode sound as images has been around for two […]

The Navy has green lighted a plan that allows sailors to stop carrying their work and personal phones. Navy leaders authorized mobile software for Defense Department-issued phones that will separate a user’s official calls, messages and images from their personal ones. Newly issued devices, starting with Apple’s iPhone 5S and 6 models running IOS 8, […]

Getting the military’s cyber forces to focus more on the most serious threats to U.S. national security means getting away from a whack-a-mole-like strategy now used to find and remove malware in the system, officials from Google and Lockheed told a crowd of soldiers Wednesday. Most of what cyber soldiers deal with is malware living […]

The U.S. Army just released its first eBook for combat leaders, but it’s only available to iPad users for now.  The Combat Studies Institute at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., recently completed the interactive version of “Vanguard of Valor: Small Unit Actions in Afghanistan.” Originally published in hardcopy a year ago, this new Apple iBook format presents […]

General Dynamics C4 Systems recently unveiled a new laptop that’s supposed to keep classified information safer when you’re at home or on travel. GD officials maintain that the new TACLANE MultiBook laptop is certified by the National Security Agency to secure network communications to the secret level, allowing secret-squirrel government types to operate on unclassified […]