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Civilian Apps

How about a video of an armored personnel carrier demolishing a Minnesota home to kick off this weekend of celebrating Cinco de Mayo/The Kentucky Derby? The video below shows a British-made FV432 APC from the 1960s completely wrecking an abandoned 150-year old house in Kasota, Minn. Apparently, the company that owned the property had the […]

What keeps the head of DARPA up at night? The “democratization of technology,” is what Ken Gabriel, the agency’s deputy director told lawmakers last week. He’s not just talking about hackers who can quickly develop cyber weapons capable of penetrating the Pentagons networks or terrorists using smart-phones, twitter and google earth to plot attacks and […]

Below you’ll find the text of Rep. Randy Forbes’ (R-VA) latest letter to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta asking for the Pentagon to reveiw a proposed joint-business venture between American defense giant GE and China’s state-owned aircraft company, AVIC to develop avionics for China’s new COMAC 919 airliner (shown above). Forbes is concerned that the technolgy […]

The video below showing a civilian operated drone chopper filming riots in Warsaw, Poland last Friday is a great example of the democratization of what was until very recently, military-grade tech. This is a straight up ISR drone that’s flying high above the streets of a major city taking camera footage that was once the […]

Apple founder Steve Jobs, the Bay Area-bred Buddhist, tech mogul and non-conformist who died yesterday, may not be the first person you associate with the military —  he even issued the famous quote “it’s more fun to be a pirate than join the navy” — his inventions have indeed helped transform the military. First off, […]