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The Navy has green lighted a plan that allows sailors to stop carrying their work and personal phones. Navy leaders authorized mobile software for Defense Department-issued phones that will separate a user’s official calls, messages and images from their personal ones. Newly issued devices, starting with Apple’s iPhone 5S and 6 models running IOS 8, […]

The military expects to introduce a tablet protype of its combat translation system by the end of the year, officials said Wednesday. Troops have depended on translators in Iraq and Afghanistan for the past decade. The Pentagon’s researching arm the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, has also offered translation services that allows troops to speak into […]

The Pentagon can’t break their CrackBerry habit. Once the smartphone of choice, most of the nation and even most federal workers have stopped using BlackeBerries as their work phones years ago. But the U.S. military keeps plodding along with the BlackBerry. Last week, the Defense Department said that Blackberry’s will make up 80 percent of […]

LAS VEGAS — The U.S. military has begun testing several so-called smart rifles made by the applied technology start-up TrackingPoint Inc., company officials said. The Army is rumored to have acquired six of the precision-guided firearms, which cost as much as $27,000 apiece. Oren Schauble, a marketing official with the Austin, Texas-based company, confirmed the […]

The Office of Naval Research recently equipped Marines in Hawaii with special technology to help them sift through loads of data to find only the information they need for the battlefield. ONR officials partnered with U.S. Marine Corps Forces Pacific Experimentation Center and the 3rd Marine Regiment for the third annual Agile Bloodhound demonstration Nov. […]