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Hybrid Wars

Well, it’s been pretty obviuos for a while now that China’s been hacking into some  of America’s most important businesses and government agencies and stealing reams of data. We’ve heard countless reports about Pentagon info being stolen orabout critical data on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter being plucked from defense contractors networks — with China […]

By Kevin Coleman – Defense Tech Cyber Warfare Correspondent In October of 2010 cyber attacks were assessed to be one of the most serious threats to Britain’s national security by the British government. In stark contrast, the vast majority of private British firms are confident they are protected. There have been harsh comments about the British firms’ […]

For years, just about everyone I know has been worrying about the security of Pakistan’s nuclear material; the major concern being keeping it out of militant hands. Nevertheless, we’ve been publicly assured time and again by the U.S. government that Pakistan will be able to keep its nuclear material safe. Now we see that, in 2009, […]

Yesterday, Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah claimed Israel was behind the 2005 bombing that killed Lebanese prime minister, Rafiq Al Hariri. Part of the evidence for that claim, produced by Nasrallah for reporters, were still photos and video feed taken in 1997 from Israeli aerial drones hovering above Hariri’s home. While that might not be sufficient […]

Talk about border tensions: Israeli soldiers went out to trim a tree along its northern border with Lebanon and came under sniper fire from Lebanese soldiers. The IDF responded with tank and artillery fire, the Lebanese soldiers shot back with small arms including RPGs. So far, the toll stands at one Israeli light-colonel, a battalion […]