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Info War

China wants to be able to control the flow of information in the event of a war to thwart data-hungry adversaries such as the U.S., according to a Defense Department report released this week. The People’s Liberation Army, or PLA, considers the strategy of “information dominance” a critical form of defense against countries that it […]

China has found a backdoor to access 80 percent of the “world’s communications” to include information passed through the internet and sensitive infrastructure databases, writes a former senior security analyst for the Pentagon. F. Michael Maloof, who now writes for WND, cites Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd and ZTE Corporation as the companies the Chinese government […]

For years now, Defense Department officials have refused to discuss the details of the Pentagon’s offensive capabilities in the cyber arena, even as they railed against all the cyber attacks against the United States’ ever-vulnerable networks. It seems however, that the Pentagon is happy to let actions speak for it. Earlier this spring, news reports […]

Just a little cyber security update. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano just spoke to a theme we here at DT have been talking about for weeks; the need for an organized, global response to the growing cyber threat. Via eWeekeurope: “Most countries don’t even have a legal framework that really governs cyber. It is such a […]

So U.S. newspaper giant Gannett’s goverment media division was the victim of a cyber attack earlier this month in which subscribers info was apparently accessed. Given the fact that Gannett Government Media publishes Defense News, Armed Forces Journal, C4ISR Journal, Training and Simulation Journal, Federal Times and the Military Times family of papers, the hackers may have […]