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Check out this crazy video of a Pentagon-funded humanoid running through the woods. The 6-foot 2-inch, 330-pound Atlas robot is the brainchild of Google Inc. subsidiary Boston Dynamics, which has received contracts from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Pentagon’s research arm, to develop the technology for potential use in disaster relief and other […]

U.S. commandos in 2011 famously used facial recognition technology to confirm the identify of terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden after the raid on his compound in Pakistan. Soldiers and Marines in 2013 employed the same handheld device, called the Secure Electronic Enrollment Kit — which looks more fitting for an eye doctor’s office than a rucksack […]

The Army Research Laboratory is funding research that would enable troops to communicate via a cellphone or radio without uttering a sound or moving a finger. And if researches can fully exploit brain-computer interface – a technology that already exists and has enabled paralyzed individuals to move robotic arms – with increasingly advanced and sophisticated […]

Technology already has pushed medical and emergency responder training well beyond the days of mock wounds and static mannequins. New software designed for Army medical training allows personnel to see in real-time the effect of their treatments on the bodies of virtual patients and high-tech mannequins. Combat Medic, developed for the service by Applied Research […]

The Naval Research Laboratory is testing a new mini-drone about the size of a compact disc designed to glide into areas with special acoustic, meteorological or chemical-detection sensors, service officials explained. The Close-in-Covert Autonomous Disposable Aircraft, or CICADA, is a small unmanned system engineered to travel in groups and bring special detection technologies to remote […]