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2011 PARIS AIR SHOW — Here’s Lt. Col. Lee Merkel of Dover AFB, Delaware talking about some the improvements he notices from a pilot’s perspective with regard to the newly renovated Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy. He was talking to me aboard a C-5M on display at this year’s show. This particular jet was built in […]

In case you haven’t seen this yet, it’s the gear that Cairo, the military working dog that accompanied the SEALs on their mission to kill Osama bin Laden might have been wearing for the raid. While reports the dog wore titanium covers over his (or her?) fangs might not be accurate, he was likely kitted […]

Amid all the news of Navy ships and aircraft steaming and flying through radioactive clouds near Japan, we thought we’d point out that the Air Force is deploying some of it’s most high tech assets to help with disaster relief there. Yesterday, the air service announced that it has sent at least one U-2 Dragon […]

Whoops! Check out this video of Air Tractor’s counterinsurgency plane making a very rough landing on a dirt strip at Fort Hunter Ligget in California a few months ago. Fortunately, the tough little plane stayed intact and everyone got out ok. Hey, it’s a testament to just how rugged the airplane is. Something that’s crucial for […]

Super Tucano Highlight Reel

by John Reed on February 25, 2011

For your Friday viewing pleasure, here’s some cool B-roll of the Super Tucano in action. Embraer recently gave DT a whirlwind visit it’s headquarters and production lines, hence the plethora of coverage of Brazilian-made military aircraft. The Super T is a pretty cool airplane for what it’s designed to do; provide close air support and […]