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Training and Sims

HiDef Flight Sims

by Ward Carroll on June 8, 2009

-+*Our friend, DT contributor and crusty aviation gumshoe Bob Cox has a great story running on Military​.com today about the Air Force’s high speed new flight sims. L-3 Link Simulation and training has developed the SimuSphere that improves on the visuals and computing speed of current sims to make images at near visual quality, or […]

Rebuilding the Iraqi Air Force

by murdoc on October 31, 2007

-+*Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in a DoD-sponsored Blogger’s Roundtable with U.S. Air Force Col. Michael Wobbema, Chief of Staff for the Coalition Air Force Transition Team. His job? Help rebuild the Iraqi Air Force. With the recent MQ-9 Reaper kill that we talked about here on DT, my first question was if […]

Virtual Gunfights

by Ward Carroll on April 9, 2007

-+*The mad scientists at the Office of Naval Research have just signed a contract to build two high-tech battle simulators for Marines to practice their lethal trade in a virtual environment. Chief of Naval Research Rear Admiral William E. Landay III has announced the funding of a $1.3-million “Tech Solutions” project to deliver advanced infantry […]

Command sims cut through fog of war

by wonk on November 7, 2006

-+*For a couple years now, Iraq-bound soldiers and Marines have benefited from realistic training featuring Arabic-speaking roleplayers, Hollywood special effects and “insurgents” portrayed by highly trained U.S. troops. Now their commanders can get in on the sim-Iraq action with a new digital command and control (C2) architecture at the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort […]

Going Hollywood

by david_axe on August 22, 2006

-+*I’ve been meaning to plug a terrific new site, World Politics Watch, and today gives me the perfect opportunity — a story from DefenseTech contributor David Axe, titled “Military Training Goes Hollywood.“ To better prepare its troops for tough counterinsurgency warfare, the U.S. military is investing in super-realistic exercises that combine traditional live-fire training with […]