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-+*U.S. Special Operations Command wants its operators to be able to drain intelligence from enemy computers, so they don’t have to lug them off the battlefield. Intelligence gathering is a critical part of special-ops missions to capture or kill high-value targets such as the SEAL Team 6 raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Operators grab […]

-+*The British are using a sensor-covered, robotic mannequin to mimic the movements of soldiers. Porton Man – named for Porton Down in Wiltshire, home of Britain’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, or DSTL – is designed to test the effectiveness of protective gear and equipment against chemical and biological attacks. From head to toe, more […]

-+*Navy researchers are working to create nanofiber coatings for surgical implants and wound dressings that would help promote healing and also combat infection. The work is being done by the Naval Medical research Unit, San Antonio, according to a report in the July issue of Naval Medical Research and Development News. In one research area, […]

-+*The Defense Department has made major advances in prosthetics over the last dozen years, to the point where it is beginning to work with artificial legs and arms that function via natural command on the brain. The consumer market may not be there yet, but it is also advancing in the area of prosthetic hands […]

-+*The Office of Naval Research recently equipped Marines in Hawaii with special technology to help them sift through loads of data to find only the information they need for the battlefield. ONR officials partnered with U.S. Marine Corps Forces Pacific Experimentation Center and the 3rd Marine Regiment for the third annual Agile Bloodhound demonstration Nov. […]