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Ground Vehicles

-+*  Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles are tough but their tires have not faired well in Afghanistan. Last year, the air valves that protrude off of MRAP tires were breaking easily when the vehicles brushed up against other vehicles or dirt walls, causing the tires to go flat and bringing vehicles to a halt. The Rapid Equipping Force soldiers and engineers, working out of the […]

-+*QUANTICO MARINE BASE, Va. — Marines will get their hands this November on the Big Dog — a robot built to scale hillsides, walk through brush and even crosss creeks all while carrying 400 pounds of gear. Engineers will hand over the Big Dog to a group of Marines this November to test at Fort […]

-+*U.S. ground combat forces like the idea of self-controlling, unmanned robots on the battlefield – as long as they don’t have big guns mounted on them. Both the Army and Marine Corps rank autonomy among its future priorities for unmanned ground vehicles. The Army has been trying to develop multi-wheeled UGVs for carrying extra ammo, […]

-+*The U.S. Army plans to trash nearly half of its small robotic vehicle fleet and develop a new family of unmanned ground vehicles capable of multiple missions across services. Over the past 10 years of war, soldiers have come to rely on small, back-pack sized UGVs for searching cramped, shadowy caves and inspecting suspected enemy […]

-+*U.S. Army equipment officials recently tested an improved version of a counter-rocket system designed to protect convoys as well as squads on foot. The new Counter Rocket Shooter System with Highly Accurate Immediate Response System Enhanced is scheduled to undergo an operational evaluation with soldiers in Afghanistan this fall. At the same time, the new […]