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  Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles are tough but their tires have not faired well in Afghanistan. Last year, the air valves that protrude off of MRAP tires were breaking easily when the vehicles brushed up against other vehicles or dirt walls, causing the tires to go flat and bringing vehicles to a halt. The Rapid Equipping Force soldiers and engineers, working out of the […]

As the U.S. Army continues its drawdown in Afghanistan, soldiers and units there are slated to receive interconnected suites of high-tech, next-generation networking gear designed to improve access to combat information and massively strengthen digital connectivity among dispersed ground units on the move, service officials said. The U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division will deploy to […]

Here you have it. This photo shows the last MRAP to be shipped home after serving in the Iraq war. This particular MRAP is a Caiman PLus model and it drove out of Iraq on Dec. 18, 2011 as the last U.S. troops were leaving the country. She’s now en route back to the states […]

Being part of Military​.com, it wouldn’t be right if we here at DT didn’t do something to recognize the ten-year anniversary of 9/11. We figured we’d list off some of the most significant advances in weaponry that have occurred over the last decade — some driven by the wars spawned by that day, some independent of them. […]

So, why is China buying MRAPs especially at a time when some in the U.S. defense establishment are calling for the U.S. to cut the the purchase of such gear after we leave Iraq and Afghanistan so that we can focus on buying high-end weapons to counter China with? The picture above shows one of […]