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Balance of Power

Happy Friday, everyone. This is absolutely your pic of the week. You’re looking at the Heads Up Display on China’s J-20 stealth fighter. This is the first time we’ve seen the J-20’s holographic HUD up close. (The jet shown is the second J-20 test jet, number 2002. You can tell because 2002’s pitot tube sticks […]

Remember a few months back when news emerged that the United States wants to have increased access to Philippine ports and airfrields to use as potetnial dispersal bases in any conflict in the Western Pacific? At the time, it seemed that Defense Department officials merely wanted occasional — if frequent — access to these installations, […]

For years, everyone has warned that counterfeit microchips made in China and installed on American military hardware could contain viruses or secret backdoors granting the Chinese military cyber access to  U.S. weapons systems. These warnings/predictions recently expanded beyond counterfeit parts, now we’re worried that any Chinese-made components could be infected. The problem was that until […]

As expected, Navy officials are on the PR offensive with the Littoral Combat Ship program, saying the little ships will see combat from day one of any fight (you know, to counter the steady stream of reports that say the LCS can’t survive in combat). In fact, the two classes of LCS, the Lockheed-Martin-built Freedom […]

China’s second J-20 stealth fighter has officially taken to the skies, making China the third nation after the United States and Russia to operate multiple stealth aircraft (to be fair, only the U.S. has an operational fleet of stealth jets, China and Russia have only two prototypes apiece).