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By Kevin Coleman — Defense Tech Cyberwarfare Correspondent U.S. President Barack Obama recently released his administration’s vision for improving cyberspace security and reducing the nation’s cyber risks. A cornerstone of the approach outlined at a high level is the requirement for greater cooperation between the Department of Homeland Security and private sector businesses on cyber […]

When the original presidential helicopter program was cancelled a couple  of years ago due to a ballooning costs, the program left nine completed and nearly completed Lockheed Martin-Augusta Westland-built VH-71 presidential choppers-in-waiting sitting in a government hangar. Well, after spending billions to develop the birds, doesn’t it make sense to do something with them? Now, sister […]

By Kevin Coleman — Defense Tech Cyber Warfare Correspondent As you may recall back in November 2010 President Ahmadinejad publicly admitted problems caused by the Stuxnet malware. Stuxnet is said to have impacted the Russian built nuclear enrichment equipment and is thought to have delayed their nuclear program between 1 and 3 years. Late last […]

VH-71…You Decide

by jnoonan on July 30, 2009

Should the VH-71 Stay or Should it Go?(survey software) – Christian

Up or down on Raptors?

by Ward Carroll on July 14, 2009

More F-22s — Yes or No(survey software)