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The UK’s new defense (or should I say defence) secretary, Philip Hammond, today acknowledged that he is worried that further cuts or slowdowns to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program will hurt Britain’s ability to rebuild its aircraft carrier fighter force later this decade. Remember, the UK decided to buy nearly 100 F-35C carrier variant […]

Here are some interesting technology-related quotes that Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and Vice Chairman of the joint Chiefs, Adm. James Winnefeld just said about the Pentagon’s defense strategy that was unveiled unvieled this morning. The two were responding to a reporters question about whether the UAV fleets that were built up for the fights […]

In case you haven’t heard, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta dropped some news that sent the beltwar press buzzing yesterday when he said that the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter may have to be cancelled outright if the Congressional Super Committee charged with trimming billions of dollars from defense coffers fails to do so. The Super Committee […]

This is interesting, the high-cost of using some of the world’s most advanced fighter jets in Libya against Gadhafi’s joke of a military has led some NATO allies to consider buying cheap light attack planes similar to the ones the United States wanted to buy to fight insurgencies. NATO’s chief targeteer for the Libyan campaign […]

Well, Marine Corps Gen. James “Hoss” Cartwright, the nation’s second highest military officer fired a shot at the Air Force’s renewed effort to field a stealthy, long-range nuclear bomber early in the next decade, saying we just can’t afford it. Here’s what he said today to DoDBuzz’s founding editor, Colin Clark, who now runs AOL […]