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Friday Funnies

Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy this video of the mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania who is sick of rich people parking their fancy cars illegally in his streets. The mayor’s solution; use a Soviet-designed BTR-60 armored personnel carrier to crush an offending Mercedes. Enjoy.

Ok, not really. But Daily Show and SNL alum (and Lt. Col, USMCR) Rob Riggle is pretty damn funny pretending to be the guy who killed Osama. Happy Friday! Via BlackFive.

Humor at a Carrier’s Expense

by John Reed on October 29, 2010

Here’s British comedy duo John Bird and John Fortune’s hilarious take on the U.K.‘s recent defense cuts  defense dilemmas (it’s three years old but still very relevant). They pay particular attention to the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers and the F-35s the ships will someday carry. Not always 100 percent accurate, but funny nonetheless.  What will […]

“Oh no, Iran’s going to get the bomb and nobody’s going to do anything about it…” “You think Iraq was tough, just try to go up against the Iranian military…” I know, I know…There’s plenty of reason why the US should avoid any military conflict with Iran over its nuclear program (assuming they even have […]

The tunes…the hair…the exciting C-5 Galaxy C-141 Starlifter … Why wouldn’t you just sign up after watching this? Great video posted by DoD Buzz commenter Daniel Russ at CivilianMilitaryIntelligenceGroup​.com. Have a great weekend. – Christian