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Homeland Security

Sister site Kit Up! just posted this great piece on how DHS is set to field stand-off sensors to predict if a person is about to commit a crime or terrorist act. As Kit Up! Editor Christian Lowe describes it, the system, developed by MIT spin-off Draper Labs, (developer of the Inertial Navigation System and employer of […]

Happy Friday, here’s the latest in Military.com’s Tip of the Spear video series. This clip shows how the U.S. Coast Guard’s Maritime Security Response Team will get to you no matter where you hide on a ship.

After almost five decades of service, the U.S. Coast Guard has started retiring its Hamilton class cutters this month and replacing them with the National Security Cutter class, sister site DoDBuzz pointed out today. As Buzz points out the Hamiltons have served the Coasties for a long time and were extremely tired, the arrival of […]

Remember that fully submersible drug smuggling submarine found in a remote jungle shipyard by Ecuadoran authorities last year? Last month, we reported how the advent of full-on submarines has prompted U.S. and Latin American officials to up their game for hunting drug runners. Now, it seems counter-drug officials have a new worry regarding the stealthy […]

A good article in today’s New York Times about the effort by Al Qaeda to ship bombs disguised at printer cartridges via commercial freight planes out of Yemen reinforces the ‘can’t stress it enough’ factor that’s key to intelligence gathering and exploitation; human collaboration. While the U.S. and its allies have invested billions of dollars in anti-terror technology in the […]