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In cooperation with the U.S. Army, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., successfully flew an unmanned Black Hawk helicopter recently in an effort to provide autonomous cargo delivery to soldiers on the battlefield. The Optionally Piloted Black Hawk Demonstrator, known as Sikorsky’s Manned/Unmanned Resupply Aerial Lifter program, conducted the first flight demonstration on March 11 at Sikorsky’s Development […]

The days of fusion-powered helicopters, tanks and trucks that can operate for months on end without refueling — like today’s nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers — may still be a long way off. But scientists at California’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which houses the National Ignition Facility, say they recently made a breakthrough by generating […]

The Marine Corps Commandant and DARPA’s director got a first hand look Monday at what DARPA used to call the BigDog ground drone and is now calling the Legged Squad Support System (LS3). Boston Dynamics has built the ground drone. DARPA officails developed the LS3 to give soldiers’ and Marines’ backs a rest. The legged […]

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich) just dropped a couple of very alarming tales during a hearing about counterfeit parts making their way into brand new U.S. military weapons. Earlier this year, Boeing and the Navy found that the ice detection system on a brand new P-8 Poseidon was defective. The ice detection […]

You quite literally cannot go anywhere in the war zone without seeing the ubiquitous Hesco barrier — the fabric and mesh modules filled with earth that defend forward operating bases from bad guys and the elements. FOBs in Iraq and Afghanistan are made from Hesco barriers sometimes stacked three or four high. The units arrive […]