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People have been speculating for months what impact a Republican takeover in Congress might mean for the KC-X competition. With last night’s Republican takeover of the House of Representatives and a KC-X contract due in the near future I thought I’d ask a few analysts who’ve been watching the contest for years to chime in with their latest. First […]

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our boy Colin Clark at DoD Buzz gets the gouge… Rep. Norm Dicks, Boeing supporter extraordinaire, is the “closest thing to a sure thing you get in Washington” to ascend to chairmanship of the House Appropriations defense subcommittee, says defense sage and consultant Loren Thompson. I asked Thompson, who was desperately seeking salt […]

I received a note from a good friend with connections to the government of the Republic of Georgia late Friday totally denying the rumors about a ganked arms shipment and help for Israel’s strike plans on Iran. From Batu Kutelia, Georgian Ambassador to the USA, Canada and Mexico: “The story is categorically false. There was […]

Dowd’s Bogus Grief Deficit

by christian on November 5, 2009

EDITOR’S NOTE: I know it’s not “tech” but I thought I’d throw this Op-Ed I wrote your way as food for thought before I post some techy stuff later today. Hope you like the new layout! It was a shockingly inaccurate statement that discredited an accomplished columnist. No matter where you stand on The New […]

There should be little doubt by this point that Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is an honest broker. His actions since he’s been in office suggest he has no personal or political agenda. He’s shown he deeply cares about the troops. So when he does a deep dive on the Air Force’s fighter aircraft requirement […]