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I know you guys are probably more interested in the upcoming plinking of a wayward satellite with a Navy SM3 ABM, but I want to see if I can spark your interest and resources to run down another mystery. Imad Mughniyah makes “Carlos the Jackal” look like an aficionado. He racked up over 400 kills […]

I want to give our savvy DT readers a collective pat on the back for your excellent discussions on the recent F-15 grounding. Though I absorb quite a few barbs from you at times and deservedly so, in very few cases (sarcasm) it is one of the greatest pleasures editing this blog to see how […]

DT Readers Search for Fossett

by Ward Carroll on September 11, 2007

On Sunday, we asked Defense Tech readers to join in the search of adventurer and aerospace pioneer Steve Fossett, who went down in a single-engine, civilian aircraft more than a week ago. He flew out of an air station in western Nevada without a flight plan and never returned. In our post, we made readers […]

An eagle-eyed Defense Tech reader pointed out in an email to editors that the post put up yesterday on July 4 factoids had been partially debunked by the internet investigators over at Snopes​.com. Never shy of embracing information contrary to our posts, the editorial board of Defense Tech made the decision to pass along the […]

The Peoples’ Site! is the DT feature where periodically (when we feel like it) we highlight the best comments from our comments forums. And no entry generated more passion recently than “The Commandant Says ‘There is Going to be a Crash.’” Resultantly, we’re dedicating this edition of The Peoples’ Site to Marine Corps Major Tony […]