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Happy Friday. To kick this weekend off early check out this video of a newly discovered RAF Curtis P-40 Warhawk that has sat undiscovered in near perfect condition in the Sahara Desert in Egypt since crash-landing there during World War II. The American-made P-40 was being flown by its RAF pilot, a 24-year old Flight […]

How about a video of an armored personnel carrier demolishing a Minnesota home to kick off this weekend of celebrating Cinco de Mayo/The Kentucky Derby? The video below shows a British-made FV432 APC from the 1960s completely wrecking an abandoned 150-year old house in Kasota, Minn. Apparently, the company that owned the property had the […]

In case you haven’t seen this yet, its the first close-up video I’ve watched showing China’s aircraft carrier, the ex-Soviet Varyag, actually conducting any type of operations. In this case, she’s returning to port following her latest “scientific” cruise. Click through the jump to enjoy. The close-up footage is toward the second half of the […]

Here’s som mid-week video of the very first formation flight involving the F-35C carrier variant of the Joint Strike Fighter. It shows a pair of F-35Cs, dubbed CF-1 and CF-2, taking off, flying and landing together last week at NAS Patuxent River in Maryland.  Click through the jump for the video.

ATK has modified its 30mm chain gun carried by the U.S. Army’s AH-64 gunship for use on Navy patrol craft and helicopters. ATK officials showed off the company’s new M230LF 30mm chain gun at the Navy League’s Sea, Air and Land show. The M230LF features a percussion-primed firing system rather than the electrically-primed system on the M230. Apparently the Navy has strict safety regulations that prohibit […]