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Prompt Global Strike

Well, the Army made it happen, it successfully tested its own hypersonic weapon prototype that could lead to a class of conventionally-armed missiles capable of striking any target on Earth in less than two hours. The Advanced Hypersonic Weapon was launched from Hawaii this morning at 6:30 Eastern time and flew roughly 2,400  miles to Kwajelien […]

Prompt Global Strike, the Pentagon’s idea for a weapon that can be launched from the United States and hit a high-value target anywhere on Earth in an hour or less has been around for a while. Some envision this weapon as resembling an ICBM armed with a conventional warhead instead of a nuclear payload. This […]

It looks like the Pentagon’s plans to develop a prescision weapon capable of hitting anywhere on Earth with a conventional warhead in a matter of minutes or hours will remain alive for the time being. Soon-to-be incoming Pentagon chief Leon Panetta told lawmakers during his confirmation hearings to be Secretary of Defense that he supports […]

A manufacturing flaw led to the early termination of last May’s test flight of the Air Force’s X-51A Waverider hypersonic vehicle, according to Air Force officials. The historic flight out of the Naval Air Station Point Mugu in California was terminated by safety officials about half way through its mission when the Air Force lost […]

The technology being tested out in the Air Force’s X-51A Waverider hypersonic missile platform may soon shift from far-out tech to becoming an actual weapon, service officials revealed this week. “There are a number of initiatives and plans in the works,” to shift “the technologies that are in the X-51A to start transitioning those technologies […]