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Pentagon budget cuts and sequestration finally got real to a portion of America’s populace — the portion that considers a day wielding a light saber as a day well spent. Yes, the White House broke the hearts of more than 34,000 Americans who signed an online petition requesting President Obama to deliver a Death Star […]

The North Koreans launched a ballistic missile Wednesday and that rocket reportedly carried a satellite into orbit and successfully landed in a targeted splash down area. For years the North Koreans have unsuccessfully launched ballistic missiles and drawing the ire of the international community, especially U.S. and Japanese leaders. In every other missile test, the […]

In case you haven’t see it, numerous news reports emerged this week claiming China may have messed with two U.S. government satellites  by hacking their control station in Norway. Apparently, hackers gained access to the Landsat-7 (shown above) and Terra AM-1 satellites — both used to monitor climate change and map the Earth’s terrain — […]

Well, it’s official, the Air Force’s second X-37B mystery space plane took to the heavens yesterday afternoon to do who-knows what for the next few months. The second Boeing-built X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle lifted off aboard an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida, at 5:46 p.m., yesterday, according to a Boeing announcement. Still, there […]

The Air Force just revealed that it’s hoping to launch the second X-37B mystery space planes into orbit tomorrow or Saturday depending on the weather. While there’s been a ton of speculation about the little mystery robo-shuttle, the Air Force won’t say what it’s for other than testing, testing and more testing. Ok, is it […]