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The Air Force just revealed that it’s hoping to launch the second X-37B mystery space planes into orbit tomorrow or Saturday depending on the weather. While there’s been a ton of speculation about the little mystery robo-shuttle, the Air Force won’t say what it’s for other than testing, testing and more testing. Ok, is it […]

Like I asked an hour ago, anyone know anything about what appears to be a mystery missile launched off the Southern California coast on Monday? I just heard back from NORAD about it and they still don’t know that the object was. “At this time we are unable to provide specific details but we are […]

Yesterday, we linked to this AP story that said the Air Force found a software glitch during its upgrade of the ground control stations for a new fleet of GPS satellites that rendered about 10,000 GPS receivers inoperable. The Air Force said it has begun distributing a permanent software fix. The story quoted Air Force […]

At 7:52 p.m. last night, an Air Force Atlas 501 rocket shot the capsule enclosed X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle into space from Cape Canaveral. Resembling a small space shuttle, the OTV was built in Boeing’s famed Phantom Works. The OTV will serve as an “on-orbit” laboratory for new sensors and other high-tech devices that will […]

  This story first appeared in Aerospace Daily’s Defense Technology International and is written by Michael A. Taverna. NATO members appear ready to approve deployment of a territorial ballistic missile defense (BMD) network in Europe, although the scope of the European contribution is uncertain. At a missile defense conference here last week, experts from both […]