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Well then. Western special operators may well be on the ground in Syria covertly conducting reconnaissance missions and training rebels fighting the regime of Bashar al Assad, much like Western SOF troops did in Libya last year, according to the STRATFOR documents that were recently published by Wikileaks. Apparently, a STRATFOR analyst sat down with […]

Well,  the Navy is trying to downplay the special operations role the USS Ponce will play after it is converted into a floating base for anti-mining, coastal patrol and special operations missions in the Persian Gulf. The amphibious transport dock, commissioned in 1970 is being rapidly converted into an interim Afloat Forward Staging Base for […]

In case you didn’t see this on Friday, the Pentagon is converting the 1970s-vintage amphibious assault ship USS Ponce into a mothership for special ops and countermining missions in the Middle East, the Washington Post is reporting. The 570-foot long ship’s big flight deck and well deck are well suited to carry the choppers and […]

Army aviation officials, including several from the special operations side of the house, last week revealed that the special operations community will have a say in the design of the next generation of Army choppers. When asked last week during an army aviation conference sponsored by the Association of the U.S. Army last week if […]

This is kind of funny. The same week that Tehran said that bad things would happen if the U.S. aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis returned to the Persian Gulf, American sailors rescued 13 Iranian fishermen who had been held hostage aboard their dhow (ship), the Al Molai, for several weeks by pirates in the […]