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The U.S. Defense Department confirmed it runs a program to monitor the body language of world leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. News of the research project, which is called “Body Leads” and run by the Pentagon’s internal think tank known as the Office of Net Assessment, was first reported in an article by Ray […]

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence says the ongoing government shutdown has resulted in the furlough of more than 70-percent of the intelligence communities’ civilian workforce, greatly impacting its effectiveness. “Today, less than 30 percent of Intelligence Community employees are on the job and those who are working are stretched so thin that […]

The military wants to build a fleet of miniature ground robots to squeeze cameras into tight places for observation purposes. Scientists at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency have built robot prototypes that change color like a chameleon to help those robots blend in. DARPA engineers built a soft, silicone model for the prototype. The […]

Ever wonder what the real difference between the CIA’s A-12 Oxcart Mach 3 spy plane and its legendary successor, the Air Force’s SR-71 Blackbird? Well, these declassified documents from 1967 compare the two jets performance side by side. Basically, the Blackbird could carry a lot more spy gear and electronic countermeasures than the A-12 could. […]

I’ve been looking for this for a long time. It’s a picture — the first public one, actually — of Russia’s Tu-214R spy plane on a recent test flight near its factory in Kazan. No one is quite sure what it will do. Some say it will serve as an airborne command post (those radomes […]