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Private Security Firms

So reports are now surfacing that say those six armed western-looking dudes filmed talking to Libyan rebels near Misurata last week may be mercs hired by wealthy Arab states who are participating in the operations to oust Gadhafi. From the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper: One possibility is that the men could be former British special […]

Check out this great footage by Al Jazeera of Libyan rebels fighting Gadhafi’s troops. Most significant are the images of what are supposedly armed western troops liasing with the rebels at the 2:10 mark. This may well be the first footage of western “boots on the ground” (sorry to use that clichéd term) at the […]

By Kevin Coleman — DefenseTech Cyber Warfare Correspondent Last week the Washington Post reported that the Cyber Command is seeking authority to launch cyber attacks in efforts to protect U.S. interests. This request is said to have drawn objections from administration lawyers concerned about the legality of offensive cyber operations. The right to bear cyber arms and […]

By Bryant Jordan Defense Tech Chief Investigative Correspondent Private security companies working under Defense Department contracts in Afghanistan are siphoning off some of the best and brightest from that country’s security and police forces, Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee says. That’s the finding of a committee investigation into private […]