(Image courtesy Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

Darpa’s Robotic Hand Restores Sense of Touch

The Pentagon’s research arm has achieved another breakthrough in a project designed to revolutionize the technology behind prosthetic limbs and potentially help wounded troops. The…

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Portable Laser Weapon Melts Flying Drone

Boeing Co. has released video showing its new portable laser weapon burning a hole through and ultimately disabling a flying drone. The company’s Compact Laser…

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DARPA-Funded Humanoid Runs Through the Woods

Check out this crazy video of a Pentagon-funded humanoid running through the woods. The 6-foot 2-inch, 330-pound Atlas robot is the brainchild of Google Inc….

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F-35B Leaps off Ski Jump for the First Time

The F-35B jump-jet version of the Joint Strike Fighter has completed its first takeoff from a ski jump, the Pentagon announced Tuesday. The stealthy fifth-generation fighter jet…