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Contingency Ops

This is interesting. The picture above shows what’s likely an Italian air force Boeing KC-767A tanker that’s apparently flying out of Malta International Airport during Operation Unified Protector, NATO’s effort to oust Col. Moammar Gadhafi from power in Libya. Malta served as a hub for NATO ops during the Libyan air campaign and David Cenciotti’s […]

AFP just published a very interesting account of secret NATO teams guarding Gadhafi’s weapons of mass destruction depots with bombs that were able to take out a car while leaving the occupants unhurt. Before Tripoli fell, NATO guarded his known chemical weapons depots from the air, maintaining near constant surveillance from them and ready to […]

So, the U.S. has opened up a new drone base in Africa to aid in the hunt for terror suspects in places like Somalia. Apparently, the Air Force has built a miltimillion dollar facility to host MQ-9 Reaper drones at a tiny airstrip in Arba Minch, Ethiopia. The Washington Post is reporting that the facility […]

Check out the video below the jump that apparently shows the remains of Gadhafi’s last convoy after it was savaged by NATO airstrikes last week. The convoy was hit by a U.S. drone and a French fighter jet, forcing the Krazy Kolonel to flee on foot and hide in a drainage ditch where he was […]

Now that Gadhafi has been eliminated we thought we’d take a look back at NATO’s military campaign to support the Libyan rebels. As of this writing, NATO has conducted a total of 26,089 sorties, including 9,618 strike sorties against Gadhafi’s forces since March 31. Just yesterday, NATO jets conducted 16 strike missions and flew a total of […]