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Iraq Diary

Iran’s high-profile efforts to bully everyone in the Middle East have been getting a ton of attention this week. However, a group of Texas National Guardsmen recently revealed much more subtle, and potentially more important, ways that Iran could fill the power vacuum left by the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq. It’s not news that Iran’s […]

Roc Nation Leaves Iraq

by John Reed on December 20, 2011

Your pic of the day is this official Air Force photo of an airman aboard the last U.S. military plane to leave Iraq on Dec. 18. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like he’s flashing Jay Z’s Roc sign in celebration as his C-17 prepares to leave Ali Air Base in Iraq.  I […]

Iraq Signs Deal for 18 F-16s

by John Reed on September 27, 2011

So Iraq finally bought those 18 F-16s that it’s been hoping to buy for years now. From Reuters: The value of the deal was not immediately known, but a senior U.S. military official said recently the offer on the table for the Iraqi government was valued at “roughly $3 billion.” Iraqi and U.S. military officials have said […]

There’s nothing like a Hobbesian conflict zone to smoke out the bottom feeders of the defense industry. And when the car bomb and suicide vest are top killers in your country, who wouldn’t grasp at straws to find an easy solution. The Washington Post ran a story today that should remind DT readers what’s wrong with defense industry scam […]

Decisions on matters of foreign policy have consequences. For those who too often forget that those consequences are often human costs, an excellent and emotionally wrenching book by Military Times reporter Kelly Kennedy, They Fought For Each Other: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Hardest Hit Unit in Iraq, provides a much needed reminder. Unlike […]