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Iraq Diary

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps continues to train and arm Shia extremist groups in Iraq attempting to attack U.S. bases with a crudely built, but potentially very deadly, improvised rocket-assisted mortar, or what the military calls IRAM, Iraq commander Gen. Ray Odierno told Defense Tech this morning. IRAM is basically a flying IED, consisting of a […]

U.S. military officials confirm that Al Qaeda in Iraq’s leader, Abu Ayyub al-Masri, was killed in an attack on the house where he had holed up in the Iraqi city Thar-Thar, 50 miles west of Baghdad. Also killed in the joint Iraqi-U.S. raid was Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, leader of the al-Qaeda affiliated group the Islamic […]

At a New America sponsored discussion yesterday on IEDs in Afghanistan, retired general Montgomery Meigs, chief of the Pentagon’s counter IED task force during the ugliest years in Iraq, gave credit for the big turnaround there in 2007 to two unsung generals: John Abizaid and George Casey. He said one of the big reasons IED […]

For those of you who might have missed it, there is a lot of discussion about this video published on Wikileaks, apparently acquired from a “whistleblower.” The video is gun camera footage from Apache attack helicopters involved in the killing of two Reuters news employees, photographer Namir Noor-Eldeen and driver Saeed Chmag, in summer 2007. […]

Iraq: Que Sera Sera

by Ward Carroll on June 30, 2009

The withdrawal of American troops from Iraqi cities today marks a turning point for the war in Iraq, and leaves me with mixed feelings about the current situation and the war overall. I see it as a success that the security situation has improved so much that US forces basically aren’t needed to protect the […]