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Need a tank to fend off the coming zombie apocalypse that everyone else is freaking out about? Make your way to the Kharkov armor repair facility in Ukraine where you can have your pick of hundreds of Soviet-built T-64s, T-72s and T-80 tanks that look like they’ve been abandoned since the collapse of the Soviet […]

How do Syrian rebels shuttle around their cities when government snipers are quick to fire on anything that moves? They simply hop in the beast shown above, ride through a hail of government bullets and take out said snipers. The photo above shows a Suzuki pickup that’s been converted into a gasoline-powered turtle armed with […]

How about a video of an armored personnel carrier demolishing a Minnesota home to kick off this weekend of celebrating Cinco de Mayo/The Kentucky Derby? The video below shows a British-made FV432 APC from the 1960s completely wrecking an abandoned 150-year old house in Kasota, Minn. Apparently, the company that owned the property had the […]

Ffffound Underground

by John Reed on April 25, 2012

This is every kid’s dream. Imagine traveling through a local forest and coming across an abandoned military pillbox with an open hatch leading to a massive bunker rife for exploration. You and your buddies drop inside the hatch and discover that this bunker is enormous and build into parts of an abandoned quarry complex as […]

Here’s some (relatively) new eye candy from BAE Systems who posted the a bunch of renderings of its bid for the Army’s new Ground Combat Vehicle program on Flickr recently. The vehicle looks and sounds an awful lot like the trac that BAE offered in the last go-round to replace the M2 Bradley infantry fighting […]