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FYI, the all-round big gun experts at ATK have neen chosen by the Army to make the next generation of 120mm ammo for the venerable M1A2 Abrams tank. The latest version of the tank’s main gun ammunition is designed to penetrate the explosive “reactive armor“found on modern main battle tanks as well as being effective […]

Ok, this is wild. Libyan rebels have taken their Mad Max technical pickup trucks to a new level. The video above shows rebels firing what appears to be the turret-mounted 2A28 Grom gun of a Soviet-designed BMP-1 armored personnel carrier from the back of a pickup. Yes, the entire gun turret has been mounted on […]

Naval Artillery, PLA Style

by John Reed on December 20, 2010

Check out this wild image posted on China Defense Blog of the PLA’s idea of … naval artillery? Pretty crazy, huh? Can anyone make out what type of missile is being launched in the upper left portion of the picture? Heck, is the image even real?

On Friday December 10th, 2010 BAE Systems tested an experimental Electromagnetic Railgun launcher developed for the Office of Naval Research and showed of the firing potential to some top Navy brass at Dahlgren Weapons Station in Virginia. The highly-publicized shot measured 33-megajoules (MJ) of muzzle energy, almost tripling the previous world record of 10.64 MJ […]

Check out this video of Boeing’s pitch for an updated Avenger air defense system that Military.com’s video pro, Glenn Anderson, shot during the Association of the U.S. Army’s big convention in DC back in October.  The original Humvee-mounted Avenger first entered service in the 1980s and was armed with eight Stinger surface to air missiles. As […]