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-+*A Chinese missile frigate was on standby in Cyprus Sunday to serve as an escort in the complex and risky operation involved in delivering Syria’s chemical weapons to the specially-outfitted U.S. ship Cape Ray for destruction. Over the weekend, Cypriot Defense Minister Photis Photiou, accompanied by Chinese Ambassador Liu Xinsheng, inspected the 440-foot frigate Yan […]

-+*The U.S. Air Force has spent years developing so-called “Agent Defeat Weapons” designed to target and destroy stockpiles of chemical or biological weapons without dispersing or releasing them to surrounding areas, service officials said. “The U.S. Air Force has Agent Defeat Weapons designed to limit collateral damage and effects,” Air Force spokeswoman Jennifer Cassidy told […]

-+*President Obama has drawn the line in the sand with Syrian Civil War. The U.S. will not get involved unless Syrian President Bashar al-Assad uses chemical weapons. U.S. military analysts have seen movement at the Syrian chemical weapons depots leading some to believe the Syrians were preparing to use them as the rebels moved on […]

Chlorine Bombs

by Ward Carroll on March 20, 2007

-+*Its a disturbing development in the Iraq insurgency. So far, 2007 has marked the first time al Qaeda terrorists made good on their promise to use chemical weapons on U.S. troops, Iraqi forcesand Iraqi civilians. Since January, al Qaeda operatives have detonated six vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices, or VBIEDs, using chlorine gas. Three were employed […]

-+*In the wake of the chlorine tanker truck bombing in Taji, Iraq today, domestic government agencies are taking another look at how easy it might be for terrorists to wreak stateside havoc. This from the Associated Press: QUANTICO, Va. — Kirk Yeager makes bombs from the stuff found under kitchen sinks. He does it to […]