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Heat ‘Em Up

by Robot_Economist on February 1, 2007

Last week, the Defense Department showcased its “Active Denial System” or ADS At Moody Air Force Base, Georgia. Officially this system is still in “extended user evaluation” phase of an ACTD (advanced concept technology demonstration). They aren’t being produced in quantities to ship to Iraq, although I’m sure the troops there wouldn’t mind having a […]

The middle years of the Cold War were, in many ways, a Silver Age of bad weapons ideas — from nuclear bazookas to one-man “aerocycles.” But this has to be just about the worst I’ve heard yet: Developing “biological agents” — including ones that can lead to “inflammation of the brain, coma and death” — […]

Pain Beam Not Easily Foiled

by david_axe on December 29, 2006

My recent pieces on the Active Denial System (ADS) or pain beam sparks discussions here and elsewhere on the web. One of the most common challenges to the device is that the beam of short-wavelength microwaves could easily be blocked with tinfoil. Its not that easy. Captain Jay Delarosa, spokesman for the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons […]

Could new weapons stun or paralyze with a beam of radio energy? I have discussed proposals for bioelectromagnetic wepaonry in DefenceTech before, here and here, but for the first time details are emerging of Air Force-sponsored work in this field. I have a piece in ther TechWatch section of this months Popular Mechanics magazine exploring […]

I was clearing out my in-box when I noticed this note: EDITORS ALERT: The American Forces Press Service recalls the article titled DoD Officials Urge Use of Non-lethal Weapons in Terror War by Jim Garamone, published Sept. 27, 2006. The article contains inaccurate information and should not be used. Usually, news services correct innacurate information. […]