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Los Alamos and Labs

Well done to Secret Projects forum for spotting this nugget that everyone else missed. This stealthy looking model plane is Lockheed Martin’s concept for what anext-generation super shot take-off and landing tactical airlifter would look like. The four-engine plane (though I only see two in these pictures), called the Speed Agile Concept Demonstrator, is Lockheed’s […]

Los Alamos Has Its Faults

by John Reed on March 31, 2011

J. Robert Oppenheimer was doubtless a smart guy, given his critical role in developing the Atomic Bomb. But it turns out the place he selected to design and build the bomb – now grown into the major Los Alamos National Laboratory – is over a fault line. That piece of info was dropped almost in […]

The U.S. Navy is one step closer to developing a ship-mounted laser capable of defending against everything from swarms of speedboats to anti-ship missiles. After more than two decades of research, scientists at Los Alamos National Lab last month demonstrated the technology, known as a Free Electron Laser, needed to generate a one megawatt beam that could […]

Security at the nation’s nuclear weapons complex has been comically awful for years. But despite meth dealers caught with classified info, despite the barely-armed guards patrolling the Livermore Lab, despite the short-cut security drills at Oak Ridge, and despite the faked investigations at Sandia — not to mention that pesky reporter who waltzed right into […]

Why should we bother putting radiological detectors in the ports when it’s easier to get the stuff within the United States? The AP has this article on a drug raid at a New Mexico trailer park, which turned up classified documents from the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Local police found the documents while arresting […]