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The military expects to introduce a tablet protype of its combat translation system by the end of the year, officials said Wednesday. Troops have depended on translators in Iraq and Afghanistan for the past decade. The Pentagon’s researching arm the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, has also offered translation services that allows troops to speak into […]

Army network developers have received positive feedback thus from 10th Mountain Division commanders in Afghanistan about the recently-fielded radio and satellite communications gear the division deployed with, service leaders said Tuesday. WIN-T 2 is part of a group of networking gear and technologies called Capability Set 13 which was sent to Afghanistan this past June, […]

The Pentagon has taken steps to formally integrate “energy efficiency” as a metric in the requirements process it uses for procurement and weapons development, senior officials said. Energy performance has now become a mandatory key performance parameter in a part of the Pentagon’s developmental process known as Joint Capabilities Integration Development System, or JCIDS, said […]

As the U.S. Army continues its drawdown in Afghanistan, soldiers and units there are slated to receive interconnected suites of high-tech, next-generation networking gear designed to improve access to combat information and massively strengthen digital connectivity among dispersed ground units on the move, service officials said. The U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division will deploy to […]

The U.S. Marine Corps has indefinitely extended service for its autonomous K-MAX aircraft, an unmanned cargo helicopter that can fly with or without a pilot and deliver up to 6,000-pounds of supplies to forward-positioned soldiers and Marines in Afghanistan, service officials said. Two K-MAX helicopters have been in Afghanistan hauling cargo since November 2011 in […]